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Self Other
markДата: Пятница, 08.01.2010, 11:09 | Сообщение # 1
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вот такая вот интересная група образовалось в 2009-ом году в западной столице нашей родины. как по мне то немного напоминуют увы уже не существующих Humble Opinion. но в любом случае песни на демо записи у них получились довольно таки интересные и приятные. слушайте, высказывайтесь...

2009 - Demo


Spending Life

We are running our life
Through the failures and dark nights
We are falling down a lot
But we’re always standing up
We had opened our mind
Even more than our sight
We are living extra fast
Not forgetting our past
Taste each moment
Feel everything Around you
Check all the sides
Of every truth Around us
We are the youth
And we are standing close
One to another
We are the youth
And we are ruled by heart
Taking care of each other
Be kind with others
Think together like brothers
Stay open-minded
No matter what Is happening
In this imperfect world
We want To survive
We want to live Again
We all still have a chance
And no one else can say
Wake up With other you
Inside Let your soul
Feel free To decide
Which way to go
Which life to live
Now And tomorrow
Tomorrow Too more
What for Are we breathing now?
What for Are we wasting time?
What for Are we so Stained?
It's time to change our mind

All We Want We Can Still Have

I don't need another life to live
I don't need more time to spill
I don’t want be living dead
I’ll better feel the pain instead
All I want I can still have
Among the hunters for success
I can exist I can resist
I still believe In heart n soul
In my control In every fall
I see a rise And clear skies
For my uprise Cause we all have
A chance to change
A destiny that we want
We are here And we are fine
Cause we are Together Right now
Let’s focus on things
That we have in common
Don't let them divide us
Don't let us become
Selfish and weak
Let’s complement each other
All unique But all as one
When it's needed
And now it's needed so much
To save what we still got
Last acres of forest
Last barrels of water
Just start from yourself
All we want we can still have
We don't need another war to win
We don't need more blood to spill
We don’t want be living dead
We'll better kill your pain instead
We don't need another war to win
We don't need more blood to spill
All we want we can still have


I wanna fight!
I really need to find someone tonight!
I had few beers and now I’m fine
Just need to waste some blood
To feel satisfied
Destroy a face or two
To prove that I am cool
So cool! And the next day
The pain may come
With bruises, wounds and complaints
I wanna fight so hard!
So fight the bull that sits inside!
You’d win! Over yourself!



:TrevorДата: Понедельник, 11.01.2010, 17:21 | Сообщение # 2
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о! мне понравилось)
flibДата: Четверг, 14.01.2010, 23:15 | Сообщение # 3
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хорошо рубят ))
vm7mvДата: Пятница, 15.01.2010, 00:25 | Сообщение # 4
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ну вобщем я б тоже так сказал бы
stepRideR_AntДата: Четверг, 28.01.2010, 18:54 | Сообщение # 5
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вдячний за топік
був здивований нас тут побачити
дуже приємно, шо всім сподобалось))
демку писали на реп. базі, одночасно всі треки, зводили самі
якість відповідна.

тексти інших 3-х пісень:

Honorless And Uncontrolled
For the broken faith In ourselves
Let’s rise Against the shadows
In our minds And eyes
The violence around woke me up
And now I’m standing here
Naked and covered with someone’s blood
But I don’t know where it comes from
I don’t know I don’t know
No, I don’t don’t know
Each time We’re just walking away
Everyone with a scar On his soul
Leaving always Something to hate for
In ourselves Without learning
On mistakes We’re going only further
In the wrong direction
And it looks like no one ever cared
Like no one wants to change
Anything These nights
The honor is down
It’s down down down
Trapped somewhere inside Our honor is down
It’s down down down
Trapped deeply inside Now we’re all done
There was an action of crime survey
For everyone it was ok
It’s not crime It’s my style
No more pressure The war is over
We’re still changing Challenging this world
Go back to revolution fall And the final round
Underneath the hell You’re becoming dead
And you remind us nothing
Devil, time to celebrate it
And then you tell yourself
Another story Last time!
Playing another deadly round
Enough!! Like we got heart for a betrayal
And then we’re singing these songs…
What should we do With our insanity
Our insanity?

Locked Inside
Cry, run When I had come to this end
There was no action
What I had lost was ignored
With no reaction
I’m locked in myself
Without a key Being held
In my hand
I know nothing can protect
My future from failure
If I wouldn’t find The me who will lead
The one who disappeared
Among the numerous ideas of mine
Now I’m falling down
On the floor of my ambitions
When I had come to this end
There was no action
What I had lost was ignored
With no reaction I’m lost In myselves
Side By side I’ll find the way out
Out Out of self Out of other
Out of time And out of truth
And the decisions Failed too
The silence inside Makes me unsteady
Don’t know what to want
What will make me happy
Everything changed Abnormally dying
Without a friend To keep me up lying
Wake me up I know you’re around
Wake me up I hear this sound
Shake me up I know you’re around
Hit me up I don’t like this sound
Nothing happened Find yourself!
Nothing happened Show yourself!

Long Way There (Outro)
Get up Here’s my hand
I just saw A good man
No need For you to be my friend
Stand up Here we go
On the road Of war
We ignore What we can’t change
Come on Listen up
Hear the crowd All around
But don’t Let yourself be the crowd
No matter What happened
Don't forget Your past
Hold tight All u love in your head

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