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Frank Castle Gonna Break Your Neck
markДата: Пятница, 29.08.2008, 16:17 | Сообщение # 1
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Образовалась команда в 2005 году как сайд проект не безизвестных Джордж Харисон и с того самого времени валят трешкор только более качественый и агресивный нежели ДХ...


2005 - Frank Castle Gonna Break Your Neck! (Self-Titled EP)


"Fuck Your Flag"

Millions of lifes turned to dust
In soviet concentration camps
Fascist state, mind control
70 years of opression but it didn't end

You changed your flag but didn't change your mind
Degenerated society ruled by hate
Agressive brainless human mass
You're just a crowd of puny slaves

That's all you've got
Your stupid flag
You fascist pricks
I hate you all

Fuck your pride
Fuck your life
Fuck your law
Fuck your flag

"Get Out Of The Spot"

You're here not to skate
But to drink beer and smoke pot
Spreading the gossips
Pose for the girls

Poor victim of fashion
You're so fucking loud
We don't need you
So you better get out

Get out of the spot!

"Vandalism Is Our Resistance"

They bring us down, they take our rights
They want us weak, but we will fight
Dirty hands, markers and cans
Destroy their walls with our tags
Slaves to society, you'd better beware
We ruin your city and we don't fuckin care
Break their rules, ACAB!
Kickin their system, we run fuckin free!

Vandalize their fascist system! Go!!!

"Strom the Streets!"

Not for the money, sponsors or fame
We grab our boards, speed is our game
Pathetic posers, stay back in your parks
We thrash the city and we don't give a fuck

Let's go skate!

"Destroy The Hippie Culture!"

Youth enslaved by disease,
I look around and I feel so sick
Night-life bullshit, brainless slobs
Society of hippies, society of whores
Old sick bastards are fucking young girls
Acid and pills - so beautiful world
Drugs and free love and it's not the end
It doesnt mean you're free, but it means you're dead
Arty snobs and rich hip kids
Techno noise and precious suits
Anyway you stay the same
Dirty hippies who you are!

"Frank Castle Gonna Break Your Neck!"

You! Are! Dead! Pretend you're cool Acting so mean! You'll fall the bloody victim of the killing machine Frank Castle gonna break your neck!

"Not For You"

Something has just started today
Kids are all here and they have their say
Startin the bands, rockin the halls,
Stormin the streets, thrashin the walls
Fast angry music, flannels and caps
Put Russian hardcore on the world map
All-ages shows made for the kids
Don't let the bullies come to our gigs

We don't need you hurtin' kids
Up your ass your macho kicks
We don't sellin' any drugs
Earth Crisis T-shirt really sux

Not For You!

No tough-guy bullshit, no religious bands
Krishna and Jesus are far from the best
Fuck nazi scum, don't compromise
You're friends with fascists, so we don't need your lies
Lame emo whinings, they don't even rock
Buy another glasses, these are out of vogue
We'll never play with your shitty band
And we don't need you and your meathead gang!

We don't need your boring crap
No more stabbing in our back
Go to the night club, where you're from
Or go smoke some dope at home

Not for you!

"Everybody Is A Cop!"

Brainwashed people play their role
Society system self-control
Fascist hateful stupid snobs
Not any better than the cops

Everybody is a cop! Everybody is a fucking cop!

Rape and violence on the streets
Just like the cops they don't give a shit
Write graffitti, go skate
Become a target for they hate

You're just a system shit!
Leave me alone, you, hypocrite fascist fuckers!



RiceRДата: Вторник, 21.10.2008, 18:29 | Сообщение # 2
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атличній праэкт, впрочим как и остальные проэкты ребят с GхНх и Razor Bois - Hoods Up 495, Moscow Death Brigade.
Клёва валят, жаль только что всё на англицком(((
Кстати памойму ж этот диск издавался только в США?
Hogus-bogusДата: Четверг, 23.10.2008, 17:42 | Сообщение # 3
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Наскільки знаю - диск ніколи не видавався. Єдиний реліз - семидюймовий вініл. Був видан в США. Тиражу у продажу вже немає.
diyzhytomyrДата: Четверг, 23.10.2008, 23:36 | Сообщение # 4
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2й день слухаю вже)

still fucking strong and still believe
still fighting for better day
still fucking strong and still believe
together we'll make a change
Hogus-bogusДата: Четверг, 20.11.2008, 12:47 | Сообщение # 5
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Є матеріал для нового запису (навіть дещо вже записане) але невідомо коли воно все буде завершено! Вважаю, що нескоро!
RiceRДата: Пятница, 21.11.2008, 01:53 | Сообщение # 6
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ну хотілося б швидше почути! =)
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