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Куплю або поміняюсь вінілами
fuckofforfightДата: Вторник, 30.09.2008, 21:22 | Сообщение # 1
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останнім часо дуже потягнуло на вініл..
тож пропоную мінятись або в когось відкуплю щось цікаве
в мене на обмін є такі речі:
Loma Prieta LP
Submerge LP
досить непогане скрімо як на мою думку.вініли нові,один раз прослухані.
мене в першу чергу цікавлять вініли Kakistocracy,The 4 Sivits..просто ці групи були з туром в україні і я не зміг прикупити їх записи..тож зараз би обмінявся чи купив.
а взагалі пропонуйте хто що має.

Добавлено (30.09.2008, 21:22)
продам або обміняю такі сімьорочки)))

COM 28 [2005]: Fight For Change - Join The Fight 7"
Fight For Change’s third 7” - their second on Commitment - takes a very big step forward from their previous releases. The music is still firmly rooted in the old school of the late 1980s and the late 1990s, but the production is much more powerful than on their earlier recordings. Seven songs of youthcrew hardcore with all the ingredients that you need: singalongs, breakdowns, fast parts and lyrics that deal both with the edge and with other important issues in this world: animal rights (the record is a benefit for the ALF), the weapon industry and even the dance scene. All lyrics come with explanations, while the booklet also contains information about the campaign for animal rights.

COM 23 [2002]: Pointing Finger - Transcend 7"
After a couple of demos and releases on other labels, Pointing Finger from Portugal made their way to Holland to record six new songs in the Bunt studios. Adding some more melodic parts to their music, compared to their previous releases, Pointing Finger bring you six songs of energetic youthXcrew hardcore to singalong and (of course !) finger point to ! Lyrically, as many other sXe bands from Portugal, Pointing Finger shows a clear social consciousness and an awareness of what is happening around them - which translates itselfs in lyrics about working for a postive change in your own life and in society at large, that also take a clear stance against evils like homophobia and the mindless violence war brings with it.

COM 19 [2001]: Fight For Change - More Than Drug Free 7"
The debut-7" of one of the upcoming bands from the hyperactive Portugese sXe scene. Besides other Portugese bands like New Winds, Time X and Pointing Finger, Fight For Change is in the frontlines of the European sXe scene. Musically, Fight For Change is mainly influenced by European bands like Mainstrike, Eyeball and Reaching Forwards, which means they play fast and energetic hardcore. From the lyrics it's clear Fight For Change is a sXe band, and like most other Portugese sXe bands, they are not afraid to couple a drug free life style with a strong political (anti-capitalist) stance. As straight edge = politics !

KeltДата: Среда, 01.10.2008, 00:30 | Сообщение # 2
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поминяю на Тотал Конфус))))
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