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Barcode (DAN)

Може комусь буде цікаво....Інтервью взято мною близько місяця назад..Группа яка по суті вийшла за межі діайвай хк відповіла на питання за 2 тижні в той час як всі супер діайвайщики не можуть відповісти і через пів року після відсилання питань..Абідно.
Вибачайте що без перекладу просто це вью ніде не буде публікуватись тож не було сенсу перекладати.Тому повісив на сайт.

To begin with could you present yourself?

I'm Panter - also known as Emo Ebbe - guitarist of Barcode.

What are you doing with Barcode now? Are you on tour now? When will be a new album?

Right now we're having a DVD edited shot at last year's Persistence Tour with Hatebreed, Agnostic Front, etc. Besides that, we're actually doing a quite weird thing: We're doing a lot of Danish songs. A couple of years ago we did some Danish lyrics to some of our songs and a lot of people in Denmark have requested that we did some more songs. So now we're giving it a shot in our native language. Check it out here: http://www.myspace.com/kodenstyrer

Tell me please how did you come into hardcore?

I used to be in a metal band for many years. However, in 1995 me and some friends decided we wanted to start a hc band and drop the metal stuff we were in at that time.

Why be in a band? What's the point? Why not just keep a day job?

Oh, most of us have daytime jobs on the side. We're not in this for the money and even if we decided to go for the band full time we wouldn't be able to make a living out of it. The kind of music Barcode plays is never gonna be so popular that you'll be able to make it big.

What are you doing in everyday life? Is it hard to you to play in band and go in tours with Barcode?

I'm working at a company doing effects processors for studios and guitar pedals - so the boss is pretty understanding when I have to take some days off to play with the band. No problem.

Where do you like to play: on big festivals or in small clubs? Tell me please about the greatest Barcode shows for your opinion.

Big festivals are great because they're big. It's very impressive to play in front of 8-10.000 people. But there's never time for enjoying the show - you're typically just rushing on stage after a short change-over and a line-check. And after your set you rush off stage again because the next band is eager to get going. Headlining shows at clubs are of course more intimate. People are way closer to the stage and we have a really good time playing as long as we like. We've had a lot of great shows in packed clubs. Hard to pick a particular one as the best.

Are you a political band? What do you think about a politic at all? Who writes texts in your band and about what is Barcode's message?

We're mainly a non-political band. However, we have a few political songs such as Fanatics from Showdown. It's mainly Butch who writes the texts. Our message is pretty much just about having a good time - whether you're sXe or into doing drugs, we like to party with everybody.

Do you think that all hardcore bands should say about social problems or if some band sing about girls and love it is normal?

Definitely not. I think a lot of hc bands are fake. They pretend to be living in the streets, but fact is; hardly any bands do and most of them are just suburban middle class kids wanting to act as if they're straight out of the ghetto. That's why Barcode don't sing about life in the streets, social decay, oppressions etc. We would feel like a joke if we did that. Denmark is one of the richest countries in the world so that would definitely be stupid. 

Are sXe or vegetarians in Barcode?

No, we're all animal killers and drug users (not abusers).

I think today straight edge is fashion a little bit. What is your opinion about that?

Well, read the lyrics to Barcode songs like "Crossing My Line" or "Emo Nation" and you'll get a pretty good idea of what we think of the sXe trend.

What do you think about violence, fights on the hardcore shows. Did you ever have such accidents on Barcode's shows?

No not really. Only one show (in a suburb of Hamburg/Germany) was stopped because of a crazy riot. A lot of nazi hooligans suddenly went berserk and in no time the place was wrecked.

What do you think about hardline in scene?

If you think of bands such as Blood for Blood who have declared war on bands who don't live the hc way - then fuck them. We defy rules, imposed by society or the hc scene - makes no difference. We do whatever we want and we certainly don't do our thing in a different way just to please whatever selfclaimed hc elite is in power.

What do you think about religion in hardcore?

Same as with sXe - if it makes sense to them, let them be sXe, religious whatever. But why the hell do I have to listen to their preaching?

What music is the best for you?

What are your favourite bands? That would be a mixture of Madball, Terror, Slayer and Thin Lizzy.

With what hardcore bands you contact the most and go into tours?

None really. We've done a full European tour and some shows with Madball, and then our booker has his own band (Crushing Caspars) so funny enough they're often on the bill when he puts up shows for us :-)

What do you know about Ukraine?

Admittedly, nothing much. I do know that your politicians see poisoning as a somewhat legit means to gain power and then you've got this Yulia Tymoshenko with the weird hairdo - she looks like she fancies a good hard pounding (if you get my point).  

What can you tell readers of our zine?

Stay hc.

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ніде не написано, але в*ю брав товариш fuckofforfight (aallaahh00@gmail.com)

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да, именно он cool

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